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i'm reyna and this is my kuroko no basket blog where i post up translations. shingeki no kyojin stuff is now here. hi (and i'm on hiatus whoops)! :D
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Mayuzumi Chihiro, the second Point Guard of Rakuzan

 HE HAS A NAME!!!!  finally i have only been waiting for it for FUCKING AGESSS  i am inexplicably interested in him and idky  sobs that he's not nijimura bUT I'M STILL SO INTERESTED  still betting that he's someone SUPER IMPORTANT to the plot JUST WATCH  apparently his kanji name can be read as REPLACEMENT FOR BLACK????  goddamn i wrote a lot  idk man i just have a lot of feels about this NO LONGER UNKNOWN RAKUZAN MEMBER pfft  and i'm still on hiatus HI  
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by フジサキ / translated by miyataka

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himichu replied to your post: wooow it’s been awhile

Takao lovers uniteeee o/ And thank you for translating all those adorable comics >3<//

omg yessss hi5 he is just so a;lfdjal;fja idk what to do with myself sobs ;~~~; you’re welcome, btw! C:

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Your blog is pure perfection (sadly the URL is MuraHimu because I don't like this pairing, but, it's a stupid thing....) :3 And as much as I can see, you SnK OTP is Rivalle x Eren, mine too ^^
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LMFAO wellll my url isn’t murahimu anymore?? tho idk if u like this url any better buuut, yayz for our otp being levi/eren!! ♥ just curious, what do you ship in kurobasu then? :D

 ciel-chan  again i'm sorry this is 14 days late omfg  fail reyna is fail  q and a  
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hey, sorry for bothering you. but do you think that you could translate some of this pixiv users stuff, the id is: id=3707035 i know that you have done some of them before. the art is so pretty but i can't understand a thing. ;A;
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ah yesssss, mitsu’s arts, she’s 1 of my fave akakise artists ;o; i will definitely translate more of her stuff! it’s just she tends to use a lot of kanji in her comics so it’s harder/takes longer for me to do it cries but i will, no worries!! \o/

 wow i'm sry this is like almost a month late  jfc i'm rly terrible at replies huh  anon  q and a  
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by 中村ヒロ / translated by miyataka

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wooow it’s been awhile

first off: murahimu » miyataka

so hiiiii, reyna here. i just realized it’s been, what. /checks. urr my last KnB translation post was back in kise’s birthday, which was more than 2 months ago. oops. >.< i do realize i’ve been neglecting this blog lately which i reaaaally feel bad about, but the good news is that I’M BACK!!

AND THE REASON FOR THAT IS… i’ve developed an out-of-nowhere humongous absolutely pathetic crush on a terrible being named takao kazunari. creys. i mean i’ve always sorta like him but not like. i mean. if any of u follow me on twitter u’ll know that the only thing i’ve talked about lately (aside from whining about RL pfft) is takao takao takao.

sooo if u like takao, GREAT! expect lots of takao posts in the future! :D if not… well… i’m gomen?? x__x i’ll still post other character ok. my head is just 80% occupied by takao rn oops.

well, that’s it! i’m sorry i wrote a lot again. ):

 what is a takao can you eat it  who am i kidding it's the other way around  takao is eating my life instead  in which reyna types too much again  personal  
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by 最々瀬 / translated by rivaerez

this is part of a series where 8y/o!levi and 1y/o!eren are kids of eren’s parents. it’s all so very cute and i’m hoping to translate them all since i’m a sucker for baby!eren as most of you already know C:

ok I lied lol this’ll be my last SnK post here since I just finished translating this today too~
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